A Game of Hilarious Stories

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is 9 Truths intended for?

» 2 to 15 Players (4 or more is recommended)

» Great as a classroom "Get to Know You" activity

» The perfect icebreaker game for dinner parties and happy hours

» Ideal for spicing up holiday dinners with the whole family

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How many questions are in a Deck?

Each Question Deck contains 9 questions. All players, regardless of group size, receive the same 9 questions.

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How long does a game take?

Games usually take between 15 and 30 minutes depending on how many stories and conversation there is between each question.

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Are my answers anonymous?

Well technically, yes, but if you’re only playing with one other person, it’s pretty easy to figure out how they answered. But a group larger than 2 players is completely anonymous.

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How can I test 9 Truths by myself?

The easiest way to test playing 9 Truths by yourself is to start a game on your mobile smartphone and then join the game from a desktop, laptop, or tablet. Another way to test it if you only have one device (e.g. a laptop) is to use two different browsers (e.g. Chrome and Firefox) or use one browser, but also open a second "Incognito" window (it's called a "Private Window" in Firefox and Safari).

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How are points awarded?

Points are awarded based on how close your guess of the number of people who answered "True" is to how many actually answered "True". If you'll guess the number exactly, you earn 1,500 points. The further from the correct number the fewer points you'll earn. But remember; it's not really about the score - it's about the stories that come with the answers.

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Is 9 Truths appropriate for all ages?

The Question Decks are intended for ages 13 to 113. Each Question Deck has a “Movie Rating” from PG to R.

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Can I see the questions?

It’s definitely more fun if you don’t know the questions ahead of time. But if you just can't risk it, here are the questions in the PG and PG13 decks.

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What's the best way to play on Zoom?

Here are a couple of ways to play 9 Truths on Zoom from best to least good.

» One computer (or laptop) and a second monitor - Have Zoom running on one monitor and play 9 Truths on the second monitor.


» One computer (or laptop) and a smartphone - Have Zoom running on the computer and play 9 Truths on your phone


» One computer (or laptop) - Resize and arrange the Zoom window and browser windows so they are side-by-side


» One smartphone - Start the Zoom session and then open a browser and play 9 Truths. This one is tougher because you can hear the audio, but you can't easily see people's faces

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Can I play with more than 15 people?

Right now it's limited to 15 because I wanted to make the group size small enough so that people could tell stories and have conversations about the questions/answers. But I'm hearing that bigger groups will still be fun, so I'm working on that. But in the meantime, bigger groups can be broken up into smaller groups and then come back together at the end to tell the best stories. This is especially easy now that Zoom offers breakout "rooms".

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Is 9 Truths available in other languages?

No, but I’m working on a new version that will support many additional languages. Contact me to vote for the language you want to be added.

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Why do you need my email address?

After a game is over, you’ll receive a “Game Results” email which will tells how your group compares to the rest of the world.

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